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Why Edmonton South Chooses Capt Clean for Window Cleaning!

Referral program (15% off exterior window cleaning for you AND your friend)

Bundle and SAVE! Combine other services to exterior window cleaning and SAVE 10% on the additional services

Biodegradable Soft wash products for a deeper, safer, exterior clean

Exposed aggregate driveway sealing - Now offering to all clients

Support Local, Support Global. We donate 3% of revenue to support clean water projects in Africa.
Window Cleaning in Edmonton South
Capt Clean Window Cleaning South Edmonton

Window Cleaning for South Edmonton

Living in the same community that you do, we understand what the seasons can throw at our homes, offices, and buildings!  We move through the year from a sunny warm summer into a bitterly cold winter.  And the weather that comes with all of our seasons can leave a good deal of debris on our exterior surfaces. 

That is one of the reasons that many people turn to professional window cleaners to take care of the task of cleaning their windows.  No one likes to look out through dirty windows.  Keeping your windows clean and spot free allows you to enjoy the view from your windows.  It also shows a great deal of homeowner’s pride in their homes.  And shows everyone that you are keeping up with routine maintenance. 

Businesses are also keen in presenting a good exterior of their office spaces.  They want to, not only provide clean windows for their employees’ benefit, but also for the frequent visitors coming through their doors.  Again, this really does equate to displaying your business in the right light to all who come to visit.  The appearance and upkeep of businesses, both interior and exterior, really does reflect on how the business will be perceived.  Often window cleaning services are needed, so as to not take resources away from day-to-day operations in a business.  

South Edmonton Window Washing

Capt Clean Window Cleaning service has many residential and business clients.  We have been cleaning windows throughout the Edmonton area for more than 15 years and our client list continues to grow year after year!   

We are very proud of the number of return clients we have and that we have been able to continue to grow to meet the demand for our window cleaning service!  We are able to have teams out in all areas of the city, taking care of you, our clients!  
Window Cleaning South Edmonton
Window Cleaning South Edmonton

Window Cleaning Service Near You!

You can spot our teams and our vans, working hard in all communities across Edmonton.  And beyond!

Why Hire a Window Cleaning Service

Professional Window Cleaning Service is both affordable and convenient.  If you have never hired one, you should give us a try!  We offer very competitive pricing and have seasonal packages that we offer.  We come completely prepared to tackle the job of washing your windows.  So, you don’t need to do one single thing!  

We are specialists in what we do and we know how to produce results that you expect.  Actually, the results may just exceed your expectations because we are not satisfied unless you are!  Our team of window washers are fully trained, insured, and ready to deliver the best customer service to you.  We take everyone’s safety very seriously.  Our staff are trained on all risk assessment processes and adhere to a safety process on every job they set foot on.  Height can be a concern at times, especially for those hard-to-reach windows.   Our Window Washing teams understand that risk and the right way to get the job done safely.  For themselves and for you.  

Just a friendly note - you should never risk your own safety, when you can hire a professional window cleaning service to do that for you.  Like Capt Clean Window Cleaning!!  

Residential and Commercial Clients Welcome!
Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Edmonton
Capt Clean Window Cleaning Millwoods

Our Window Cleaning Process

We are very proud of the work that we do for our clients.  Our process for cleaning windows has been tested and tested again, with amazing results.  What sets us apart from the others?  The secret is in our water. 

Edmonton’s water isn’t that effective on its own to clean your windows.  To prevent water marks that will remain on your windows, the water needs to go through a purification process to leave a true streak free rinse.  We use this purified water when we rinse your windows clean.  How do we get purified water for your window cleaning?  

We use a filtration system that provides a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment.  This has 3 components to it.  

A carbon filter removes the chlorine from the water (which can damage the RO membrane).  Then the water is again filtered through the RO membrane (which removes 95% of contaminants in the water).  And lastly, the deionization resin removes any contaminants remaining.  

The end result is purified water. We use a water fed pole (WFP) to pump this purified water to a brush at the end of an extendible pole.  The brush agitates dirt, dust, debris and any other contaminates on the windows.  It is then rinsed away with the purified water.  Results are clean, spotless windows.  Each and every time.  

Local Window Cleaning Company

We are an Edmonton based company, living right here in the community that you live in.  We are proud to support other local businesses and know that you are as well.  

We have been providing our Window Cleaning service since 2006.  And would love the opportunity to really show you how our Window Cleaning service truly shines above the rest!  

 If you would like to reach out to us to discuss your window cleaning needs, we would love to hear from you!  You can call us at 780.289.0625.  Or if you wish, you can complete the webform on this site and one of our team will contact you to discuss your enquiry and help you book an appointment for spotless, clean windows!  
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Pressure Washing for Edmonton

  Are you looking for pressure washing services?  Perhaps you need someone to clean your driveway, patios, siding, etc.  We do more than just Window Cleaning!  Why not chat with us about any pressure washing you need done at the same time you book in your window cleaning service.  We offer some very affordable packages that can combine both for you.  Contact us at the number here or reach out to us via our webform.  We would be happy to quote you on both services at the same time!